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About Orjey

Orjey, was started in November 2020. After several years of experience in the fields of marketing and administration, we realized that it was near impossible for the average people to buy their desired quality products at an affordable price. Sourcing best quality at affordable price was simply complicated, time consuming, and expensive to manage.

We source quality products on user perspective mind. We wanted to offer the best quality that would require no minimum order quantity. We keep it simple, so users can focus on shopping amazing products that reflects our brand identity and quality of the product. Best of all – it’s deliverable at your home. You can get online, showcase your brand, or start selling products right away through our exclusive referral scheme.

After understanding that an increased need for ecommerce solutions, we developed one of the only full-featured, quality sourced product-free online store, allowing customers and manufacturers to connect through online business.

Today, we’re proud to empower individuals and small business owners around the world to get profit maximizing and serving good quality products to customers. Everyone deserves our portal both manufacturer and customer for interaction to get quality product at the lowest price, and we’re curious and excited to see how both are connected and benefited.

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